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Nathaniel Thorn
Nathaniel was born on October 17, 1784. He married Charity Cornell, daughter of William and Esther(Underhill) Cornell, on November 2, 1808 at the Plattekill Quaker Meeting House. He died December 14, 1857 in Clintondale. Not much is known of Nathaniel except that which is provided in published histories. We know that he removed to Clintondale, Ulster County, NY and purchased a small farm from his brother. He was also a preacher for the Orthodox branch of the Religious Society of Friends. He and his wife, Charity, are buried in the Clintondale Quaker Meeting House cemetery.

In my possession, I have a deed to his son, John Thorn, dated September 1855. And his will, proved in April 2, 1860. I will add the contents of the later to this page at some time in the future. For now, it is sufficient to say that he was a man of modest means, though not poor, who deeply loved and cared for his family, ensuring that all earthly comforts would be met upon his departure from this earth.

Nathaniel Thorn had nine children:

  1. John, born May 22, 1809. Married Hanna P. Lewis on October 9, 1833. Died December 15, 1886. Buried Clintondale Friends Cemetery, Clintondale, NY.
  2. William C., born April 9, 1811. Married Dorcas Higgins about August 26, 1840. Died July 19, 1880. Buried Clintondale Friends Cemetery, Clintondale, NY.
  3. Esther C., born September 3, 1813. Married Abraham (Abram) Weeks. Died January 14, 1885. Buried Clintondale Friends Cemetery, Clintondale, NY. Esther was a renowned preacher for the Religious Society of Friends and traveled throughout the United States and Canada. See the Clintondale Meeting history for further information.
  4. Elnathan, born March 7, 1817. Died September 13, 1841.
  5. Martha W., born May 23, 1819. Never married.
  6. Sarah, born March 23, 1821. Died June 18, 1885.
  7. Stephen, born June 8, 1823. Died July 14, 1856. Buried Clintondale Friends Cemetery, Clintondale, NY.
  8. Solomon, born July 22, 1827. Died Jan 20, 1844. Buried Clintondale Friends Cemetery, Clintondale, NY.
  9. Nathaniel, born November 29, 1829. Died December 4, 1857. Buried Clintondale Friends Cemetery, Clintondale, NY.

Note: Data on this page comes from the following sources:

  1. Family Bible of Solomon P. and Katherine (Hasbrouck) Thorn. Written in Katherine's own hand.
  2. Commemorative Biographical Record of Ulster County, NY by JH Beers, 1896.
  3. Clintondale Friends Meeting Cemetery listing.
  4. Crosby J. Wilken

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