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Thomas Thorn
Born September 11, 1719. Died September 12, 1781. He married (1st) Sarah ----, perhaps a daughter of John and Phebe (Titus) Haight, and (2nd), Elizabeth Brown, widow of James Sutton. The name Sarah Thorn as the wife of Thomas Thorn appears in the Purchase Friends Records, and that of Elizabeth Thorn in Thomas Thorn's will, "Wife Elizabeth" is names in the will of James Sutton of Cortlandt Manor, innholder, executed May 8, 1760, and proved January 5, 1761 (WNYHS:6:29 cf. N.Y.Co.Wills:22:233). She is also names as "daughter Elizabeth Thorn" in the will of Hannah Brown, widow, of Eastchester, executed February 21, 1781, and proved March 17, 1787 (WNYHS:12:223 cf. N.Y.Co.Wills:36:348). In his account of Thomas Thorne the late Frank Edgar Weeks states: "We think without doubt that Sarah Haight married Thomas Thorne," but gives no grounds for his opinion (Weeks Gen. 1943, MMs. NYG&BS, v.1, p.253 &: v.2, pp.410,432). However, family tradition supports the two marriages noted above.

At the annual town meeting of North Castle on April 7, 1752, and again in 1763, Thomas Thorn was elected a road overseer (North Castle Town Book, Westchester Co. Historical Society), as as a yeoman, resident of that town, he appears in a list of Westchester County Freeholders dated March 4, 1763 (Westchester Co. MMs, NYG&BS). Thomas Thorn was a member of the Purchase Friends Meeting; many of his descendants belonged to the Chappaqua Meeting, which was established in 1785, and some are buried in the Thorn Cemetery adjoining the Chappaqua Friends Burial Ground (Cem. Inscrs. GS9, p.9, MMs, NYG&BS). The will of Thomas Thorn, Sr. of the Manor of Cortlandt, yeoman, executed May 1, 1776, and proved February 12, 1785, disposed of a good estate, and named children as listed below, together with grandchildren Sarah, Phebe, Abigail, and Elizabeth, daughters of son Samuel, deceased (WNYHS:13:97 cf. N.Y.Co Wills:37:394).

The eleven children of Thomas Thorn by both wives are shown below, with dates of birth, as given in data said to have been taken from a notebook of John Thorn dated March 31, 1786. As is often the case with original documents of genealogical value the present location of the notebook, and the identity of the person who presumably coped from it, are unknown. However, except for an apparent later addition to the effect that Elizabeth Brown was the mother of all eleven children, the information is nowhere in conflict with that obtained from other sources and seems worth of credence (Thorne Fam. MMs., NYG&BS).

  1. Stevenson, born August 22, 1740. Died in 1793 in Coeyman's Patent, NY.
  2. Samuel, born August 22, 1742. Died in 1770. Married Deborah ----.
  3. Elnathan, born December 25, 1745. Died August 9, 1788.
  4. Hannah, born May 3, 1747. Died August 29, 1812.
  5. Thomas, born April 24, 1750. Died May 16, 1821.
  6. James, born November 17, 1753. Died in September 1826.
  7. Isaac, born May 25, 1755.
  8. John, born October 30, 1757. Died October 29, 1821.
  9. Sarah, born April 27, 1760.
  10. Anna, born July 14, 1762.
  11. Sherwood, born November 15, 1767. Died August 11, 1851.

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