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After the historical manuscript had been written and mimeographed, some information of real value was received. We, therefore, present the following brief sections from the minutes of the "Valley Meeting".

6mo 25th 1801

"A number of Friends living in Plattekill request leave to hold a Meeting at the home of John Underhill. Duly considered and referred to the next meeting."

7mo 23rd 1801

"The request of Friends living in Plattekill (Clintondale) to hold a meeting at the home of John Underhill being received and solidly considered it is believed that it will be best for Friends there to attend their Meeting as usual."

The above would indicate that the Clintondale Friends were attending regularly at the Valley (Plattekill) Meeting and that John Underhill, from whom Clintondale Friends bough their land was a leader among the Clintondale Friends.

12mo 24th 1801

"A request came to this Meeting signed by Friends living near John Underhill for a Meeting to be held at his house on 1st and 4th day of each week except monthly and preparative meeting weeks. Is considered and meeting allowed for three months."

A committee was appointed to attend this meeting. They did an reported favorably upon it. 12mo 23rd 1802 another committee was appointed and the meeting allowed for six months.

12mo in 1803

An extract from the Cornwall Monthly Meeting tells of the meeting in Plattekill (Clintondale) and allows it for six months. This procedure continued under the Monthly Meeting until 7th mo 1806. From then until 7th mo 1807 under a Quarterly Meeting committee.


Plattekill (Clintondale) asks to have a preparative Meeting established to be held 4th day preceding the 3rd 5th day in each month, which is united with and forwarded to the Quarterly Meeting. From extracts from Quarterly Meeting minutes it appears that Plattekill meeting was established as requested.


A proposal is made to build a meeting house at Plattekill (Clintondale) 36ft. x 24ft. and 12 ft. posts. Cost $750. Monthly Meeting raising $120. Referred to the meeting next month.


The house at Plattekill allowed to be 26 x 36 and 10 ft posts. Cost including grounds to be $300. Monthly Meeting subscription being $48.


Alex Young and Daniel Birdsall were appointed to take the deed of the ground for Plattekill Meeting house.


This Meeting has paid its proportional share for Plattekill meeting house.


The title was taken for Plattekill meeting house ground.


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