William Thorne

William Thorne is considered to be the progenitor of the Thorn/e Family in America. This site contains all the descendants that we currently have in our database.

An apology to those of your named Thorn (without the 'e'): When my cousin, Philip V. Thorne, began this hunt for his own Thorne roots some ancestors became Thorn while others remained Thorne. While not impossible, it soon became logistically tedious to separate the names. In an effort not to miss any of our descendants, he made the decision to remain with the original Thorne spelling for most of us. So, you may find your name spelled as "Thorne" instead of "Thorn" in this database. I am currently in the process of changing names to reflect their true spelling. If you provide me with the information, I will make the change in the database!

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Our gratitude for a labor of love...

We will forever be in debt to Thorn Dickinson, pictured here.

His tireless and often thankless efforts are the main reason our family has a history that is so well documented. While others have added to his work, no one has contributed the volumes of information he amassed for the early years of the Thorn/e family. This site keeps his work alive as we strive to graft new branches on our family tree.

We pray that our efforts will do his work justice as we leave our children and grandchildren the rich legacy that is embodied in our name, Thorn.


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